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Monday, 14 November 2011

Helsby Three Peak Full Moon Three Legged Naked Challenge

Helsby Three Peak Full Moon Three Legged Naked Challenge
Stephné was her name and the Helsby Three Peak Full Moon Three Legged Naked Challenge was our game!
After Adair observed that we could have a night time record on the HTPC I somewhat went over the top and added the HTPFMTLNC.
With a full moon and the weather looking good (chilly, damp, foggy but no rain) on Thursday evening we decided to nail this challenge before everyone else...
Well it will came as no surprise to find out that we had double booked and an evening at the Ballet to watch up and coming starlet ‘Juliet McQueen’ daughter of the infamous S.A. Jeff McQueen was on the cards. With this unavoidable  commitment we had no other choice except to run it normally together (no bondage or nakedness but it was a day time full moon!) on Thursday morning.

The Happy Couple Frodsham
Running with your wife, husband or partner (or even your wifes husbands partner) will always be a great experience even if there’s a little tension in the air. This little tension arose from getting up in the morning and my offering to carry all the kit so Steph wouldn't have to worry about it, I thought I was doing her a big favor, wrong!
School, Nursery drive to Forest Hills and we’re by the War Memorial at 8.53pm, photo taken and we’re ready for off. By the time we’ve reached Helsby Hill Steph’s a lot happier and apologises for the grieve that’s she’s been dishing out to me all morning so I do my usual thing of... well, I’m not sure what it is (nonchalance)  but it sets things back to square one and a bit more. Perhaps I should get down on one knee and and say ‘no darling, it was all my fault, you shouldn't have to appologise to me, it should be the other way round’. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Woof woof.
Helsby trig point and we stop for another self timer picture (10 seconds) and we’re soon off towards Old Pale. The storm that was brewing has now blown over and Steph and I are having a great time chatting and generally shooting the breeze.
Old Pale (The Hill, not me!)
On top of Old Pale and we could be on for a sub three hour round, we have a quick snack and drink with the obligatory photo (another 10 seconds) and we’re heading down hill towards you know where for you know what (if you’ve read my previous blogs!).

It all goes without incident and we have a great run to arrive back at Frodsham War Memorial in a nice time of 2hours 53 minutes. Another photo call and we dash off into the warmth of Forest Hills to have some RRR before heading over to Manchester to see the Ballet.
I hear by claim the Helsby Three Peaks Married Couples fastest attempt and Steph would like to claim the female record - 2hrs 53mins 
Cheers all, keep running
Dave D.
Delamere Spartan
Just as a final side note- Steph’s never been happier in her life
or so I tell her!-)


  1. Nice one. Mind looking after the kids sometime so Mich and I can try to take you down ;-).

  2. No problem Steve, just shout and we'll be there (or here!)